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Frequently asked questions

What are Kilo Solution meals?

Kilo Solution dishes were prepared by Isabelle Huot , PhD in nutrition. They meet specific nutritional criteria :
· 350 calories and less
· 500 mg of sodium and less
· 12 g of fat and less
· 45 g of carbohydrates and less
· 14 g protein and more
· 4 g of fibers and
· No Trans Fat
· No preservatives


Who can eat the dishes Kilo Solution ?


All those wishing to eat healthy! Kilo Solution meals are healthy meals that meet the nutritional requirements of a balanced meal . These meals are perfect as part of a healthy weight loss , but they are also designed to meet the needs of people with diabetes , high cholesterol and high blood pressure. People who lack the time to cook or do not like to cook are not left and will be pampered with flat Kilo Solution!


What distinguishes meals Kilo Solution other '' ready to eat '' available in supermarkets ?


Nutritional value and exemplary quality of ingredients used . In addition , meals are free of preservatives and additives.


The dishes are different from those which I commanded before, is this normal?


Yes ! In order to offer our customers top quality dishes , we work now with a team of chefs in an ultra- modern factory . The dishes have been redesigned for optimum flavor.


Where dishes are prepared Kilo Solution ?


Since August 2013 , we have developed an excellent partnership with the Center for Agribusiness Development tradition and quality (CDA- TEQ ) in order to provide high-quality meals to our customers. Delivery of meals is provided by DICOM .



Kilo Solution dishes are they frozen, frozen or fresh ?


Ready- to-eat Kilo Solution is frozen and shipped in special coolers that help maintain proper storage temperature , and for a period of 24 hours.


Can you reheat food directly from the freezer ?


Of course! The indications are cooking on the label of each dish . You can refer to it to see our recommendations. Avoid overheating the dishes not to alter the texture of your meal.


Kilo Solution dishes they persist long?


Frozen food will keep for about 3 months. If they are still perfectly safe after this period, their taste and texture can be altered . The dishes will keep thawed , meanwhile , 2 days in the refrigerator .


Do I pay for shipping ?


Delivery is reduce to 4,99$ for all food purchasing program of more than 155$ For residents of Montreal and about, the fee is 12.99$ when purchasing 20 products or less. For residents outside the city of Montreal and envion, the fee is 14.99$ when purchasing 20 products or less.


What are the delivery times due to my order?


Your meals will be delivered within 4-6 working days of your order, depending on the day you have chosen .


Can I order by phone?


Yes, you can call us directly at 1-877 - 761 KILO ( 5456 ) . The payment will be directly debited from credit card.


When is delivery and how the products we receive ?


Deliveries are on Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 to 19:00. The place of delivery is at your convenience : at home, at work, with family or friends, etc. If you plan to be away, the package can be left outside in a safe place. However, we must be notified when ordering and you take responsibility if there is a breakage or theft of merchandise. Our special coolers help maintain proper storage temperature, and for a period of 24 hours. Fear not!


Dishes Kilo Solution Are available in your clinics?


Kilo Solution range is now available at our headquarters in Nuns' Island, in the Cool & Simple' store, and in many Energie Cardio : Boucherville, Longueuil Elle, Ste-Foy Elle (Québec), Lévis, Lebourgneuf, Beauport, Trois-Rivières, St-Hyacinthe, and at St-Georges de Beauce, St-Gédéon and at Santé 2000 Le Club à Rimouski.