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Our clients

Many companies put their confidence in Kilo Solution when a corporate weight loss program or nutrition seminars are earmarked as a value-added measure. Today, progressive businesses promote physical fitness, healthy eating and weight control awareness because the cost is offset by concrete results. Healthy employees feel better, perform better, and take fewer sick days. Business health programs are a value-added service that can build team spirit, pride of place, and employee loyalty, as well as effectively retain talent and reduce new-hire training expenditure. Our clients know that it pays to care about the health of their employees. Their satisfaction is our reputation!

Entreprises Kilo Solution

Here are some of our great clients:

  • Fasken Martineau (business weight-loss program)
    « "I tried several methods to lose weight, but the results were never convincing. Since I participated in meetings organized by Kilo Solution nutrition clinic, I have finally managed to reclaim my body and my health. Within a few months, I lost 15 pounds and learned to eat properly without really depriving myself. It's not a diet, but a way to understand what we eat and the influence our choices have on our health ", says Danielle. »

  • Le Groupe des assureurs automobile du Québec
    « The presentation by nutritionist Mélissa Larivière was superb! It was very interesting and all our employees really appreciated it. It was well suited to our needs and she answered all the questions posed during the conference.»

  • Hydro-Québec
    « I only have very positive things to say (about the business seminar on nutrition by Kilo Solution). Sure enough, I truly enjoyed the conference by Ms. Caponi, as did my colleagues. She was very interesting and knew how to capture everyone's attention. To me, this is a vital aspect. In addition, I found her to be very competent; she not only discussed nutrition but also the effect food has on the body.

    In short, I would not hesitate to recommend this conference, as well as the one that followed by Ms. Caponi. Thanks for everything! »

  • Paccar Canada Ltd.
    « The kiosk was wonderfully executed. Christina gets along with people very well, she was outgoing, went above and beyond, was very professional, and had the answers to our questions. Her setup was perfect and offered practical examples, which the workers found very helpful.»

  • Association de la construction du Québec (ACQ)
    « We really loved the conference, and everyone responded positively. Melissa is a good speaker with the right pacing and a nice presentation. I would say that since last Friday, many of the people that attended are watching their portions and snacking, there are even recipes being exchanged. There's Chia trading happening in the cafeteria.»

  • Northon Rose Full Bright
    « This is a speaker who knows her subject very well, and who speaks with incredible ease. The employees would have liked the conference to last longer, that's how much they appreciated it. »

  • Mirabel Library
    « We really enjoyed the conference on nutrition by Ms. Caponi and would recommend it without any hesitation.»

Are you concerned about the health and well-being of your employees? Contact us for more information on Kilo Solution's nutrition conferences for businesses and other employee health services!