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Nuns' Island Nutrition Clinic

At our nutrition clinic, you'll get the expert advice you need on nutrition, reducing weight, weight loss program and how to maintain your loss of weight for good.

Stéphanie St-Laurent

Isabelle Huot's healthy meals available here!


Our experts

  • Isabelle Huot, Doctor of Nutrition
  • Isabelle Huot

    After earning her PhD in Nutrition, Isabelle Huot continued to excel in her field and has become a very active advocate in the media on the importance of nutrition, healthy weight loss and better eating habits.

    She writes a weekly column on health, diet and weight loss for Journal de Montréal newspaper, Le Lundi magazine, the TV show Salut Bonjour, as well as radio programs on Rythme FM and Radio Canada Toronto.

    She also writes editorials on nutrition and health for the magazines Moi & Cie, Bel Âge, Rezo, Beauté HD, and L'Actualité Médicale.

    She is the author of 10 books on nutrition, including her most recent work, Kilo Cardio 3 (co-written with Josée Lavigueur and Guy Bourgeois).

    Isabelle's media presence is complemented by her extensive experience in clinical nutrition and 20 years of private consultation on health, dieting and weight loss.

    Her primary specialization: the management of eating disorders.

  • Stéphanie St-Laurent, RD Nutritionist-Dietitian and Assistant Manager
  • Stéphanie St-Laurent, Dt.P. Diététiste-Nutritionniste

    Stéphanie holds a bachelor's degree in nutrition from Université de Montréal and is a member of Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec (OPDQ). She joined the team at the Kilo Solution dietary clinic in 2010.

    Enthusiastic and versatile, Stéphanie offers you a dynamic and personalized approach to health, diet and losing weight. In addition to her experience related to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, she works closely with athletes and has proven to be an efficient adviser to people with various metabolic disorders (diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, etc.).

    Her passion: to share the pleasure of eating well and taking care of yourself while getting results!

  • Mélissa Larivière, RD Dietitian-Nutritionist
  • Mélissa Larivière, RD Dietitian-Nutritionist

    After graduating from the University of Laval in 2007, Mélissa became a member of Ordre professionnel des diététistes du Québec (OPDQ). She is a nutritionist-dietitian who listens attentively to her patients' concerns about losing weight, nutrition and adopting healthy eating habits.

    Having worked mostly in sport centers and medical clinics since her career began, Mélissa has developed a particular interest in cardiovascular health and damage prevention, as well as in promoting healthy eating habits and a nutritious diet. As the new mother of twins, she has realized how important it is to instill healthy habits from childhood and especially in a simple and fun way.

    Mélissa will be the ideal companion for people who want to regain control of their appetite.

  • Jean-François Grégoire, B. Sc. Kinesiology
  • Jean-François Grégoire, B. Sc. Kinesiology

    With a bachelor's degree in kinesiology from Université de Montréal, Jean-François Grégoire brings physical activity to a healthy diet program, specializing in coaching and fitness training programs provided in the comfort of your home. His first goal: enabling health and wellbeing!

    In addition to his seven years of in-home private coaching experience and work as fitness consultant for several companies, he has been a columnist and model for various physical activity initiatives.

    He practices a wide range of sports and adds several treks, marathons, half-marathons and obstacle courses around the world to his list of accomplishments. Jean-François has a passion for coaching that is contagious — whether it be weight loss, muscle toning or preparing for another challenge, Jean-François will lead you step by step!

  • Dr. Catherine Senécal and her team of specialized psychologists from the CHANGE clinic
  • Dr. Catherine Senécal

    Catherine earned a Doctorate in Psychology degree with a thesis on eating disorders. After working for the eating disorders clinic at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, Catherine migrated to private practice.

    Catherine's approach to cognitive-behavioral therapy is based on scientifically proven practices.

    What are Catherine's goals for therapy? Breaking free from the obsession linked to food, diet and weight loss, as well as learning to manage emotions and develop a healthy body image by working on our thoughts and feelings.

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