Two types of ready-to-eat meals by Isabelle Huot!

Frozen meals

Convenient, they are always ready to serve when you are in a hurry! We will ship directly to your house or workplace in the province of Quebec (even in some area in Ontario), but you can also find them in 10 sales point around Montreal and Quebec city.

You want to know more? Two options are available :

  • Choose your favorite meals and build your order.
  • Order our Weight Loss Programs : you will receive your ready-to-eat meals (lunch/supper), your healthy menus and your groceries list!

Fresh meals

Discover the first fresh ready-to-eat meals that combine high value nutrition and delicious taste. Isabelle Huot and Fleury Michon offer you 6 dishes and 3 soup meals at your grocery store.

Isabelle Huot - Repas Minceur

8 selections are available :

Isabelle Huot - Repas Minceur
  • Marrocan style chicken
  • Chinese macaroni
  • Mediterranean style whole wheat spaghetti
  • Asian style chicken
  • Risotto style barley with chicken
  • Beef meatballs with yogourt sauce
  • Lemon and caper chicken with orzo
  • Whole wheat rotini romanoff style with chicken
  • Thai peanut chicken

Available at your grocery store IGA, Métro, Provigo, Maxi and more!