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Corporate mission

Kilo Solution was launched in 2009 by Isabelle Huot to help Quebeckers with their food habits. With the help of her nutritionnists, kinesiologists and psychologists team, she offers easy and pratical solutions to loose weight. Consultations, meal plans, ready to eat dishes, healthy snacks, kitchen tools, we have everything you need te develop healthy eating habits!

Nutritionists - Dietitians

  • Isabelle Huot, Ph.D nutrition
  • Stéphanie St-Laurent RD nutritionist- dietitian | executive manager
  • Élaine Caponi RD M.Sc. nutritionist- dietitian
  • Juliette Casgrain RD nutritionist- dietitian
  • Mélissa Larivière RD nutritionist- dietitian
  • Vanessa Daigle RD nutritionist- dietitian
  • Marie-Isabelle Doucet, RD nutritionist-dietitian


  • Jean-François Grégoire B.Sc. kinésiology
  • Murielle Tiacoh B.Sc. kinesiology

Psychologists specialized in eating disorders

  • Dre Catherine Sénécal and CHANGE's team

Customer service

  • Amélie Robert, dietary technician | relationist and project manager